Aabhas | Virtual Reality App for Real Estate

Aabhas is Immersive Computing Mobile Application specially build for real-estate to showcase property before its construction. Aabhas provides fully 3 dimentional view of property along with actual environment for potential customers at one step.

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How You Can Use Aabhas in the Real Estate Business ?

Typically, a real estate agent/owner provides a long list of properties to the client. Afterward come the explanations, negotiations, and finally the real-life visits to houses and apartments. This workflow has remained the same for decades, but in fact it's inconvenient and time-consuming not only for realtors but for homebuyers as well.

Aabhas helps solve these problems, allowing millions of people to virtually visit properties without leaving their homes. Simply put on a VR headset and you can experience immersive, three-dimensional walkthroughs of properties. In a matter of minutes, potential buyers or renters can virtually visit dozens of locations and decide which are worth visiting in person. The power of VR technology can help real estate agents grow their business, get more clients, and deliver top-level services.


Property Showcase

Property Showcases — Imagine showing an empty property with no or very few pieces of furniture. Now imagine exactly the same house or apartment but full of furniture and looking cozy and appealing. Which of these would be easier to sell? The answer is obvious.

Saves Valuable Time

This is probably the biggest benefit – virtual reality solutions save time for both clients and realtors. Thanks to VR, there’s no need to travel from one property to another and sit in traffic jams. Instead, clients can simply put on VR headsets and enjoy immersive three-dimensional tours.

Builds Emotional Connections

Full immersiveness of virtual house tours creates an emotional connection and engages clients a lot more efficiently than conventional 2D images, which may look quite a bit different from how a property looks in person.

Worldwide offering

Virtual Reality eliminates distances. That’s why since first VR tours were created the realtors started to expand their client base, not limited to local buyers. The world is more cosmopolitan today, people are moving from place to place, and even hemispheres. And virtual reality can impact the global offer and demand in real estate.

Saves Valuable Money

Developing feature-rich 3D virtual tours may seem expensive, but think of the investment in traditional real estate marketing. Not only do you need to stage properties, you also need to provide high-quality pictures and lots of print materials (particularly for new properties). Virtual reality helps you save a lot of money by using the power of 3D models and computer graphics.

Instant Sense of Ownership

You can enhance the customer experience by providing virtual tours with lots of interactive add-ons such as mortgage calculators, information about similar properties, and descriptions of neighbourhoods. This will help your clients get all the information they need about properties before contacting you and asking to arrange real visits of houses or apartments they like most.

Interactive Visits

Let users choose where to move within a property by clicking on special hotspots in the field of view. Creating interactive virtual home tours is more complicated, but they’re more interactive than guided 3D virtual tours so you can more efficiently show properties.

Architectural Visualisation

Marketing a property that isn’t constructed yet has always been a challenge for real estate developers and agents. You’ve probably seen large three-dimensional models that show a new property or neighbourhood. These models help potential buyers imagine the architecture.